Be confident in the face of changing regulations

  • Ease compliance with new Good Distribution Practice (GDP) requirements

  • Validate the integrity of your cold chain every mile of the way

  • Monitor and qualify inconvenient locations - NO wires or WiFi required

Maximize safety and freshness from farm to fork for today’s retail environment

  • Streamline quality assurance procedures with data-driven effectiveness

  • Gain a new level of transparency with cloud-based records of every shipment

  • Leverage the mobile devices already in place throughout the supply chain

    NO readers, antennas or infrastructure required

Monitor every critical control point in your process without any installations

  • Supervise every refrigerator and cold storage unit, even remote locations

  • NO manual procedures or tiresome paperwork

  • Complete audits quickly with comprehensive PDF and data reports

  • Quickly characterize and map conditions at points throughout your facility


Can you see your critical products?

Verigo tools make it easy to gain a complete picture of your supply chain.


Seen incidents that compromised quality?

Lead your industry with the utmost in quality assurance.


Are you in full regulatory compliance?

Leverage our technology for fast accountability and protection.

Our Apps

Cloud Platform

All data is automatically synchronized to your secure Verigo Cloud account.

Sign on to the Verigo Cloud to:

  • Search & Filter to find specific records
  • View and analyze data from any monitoring session
  • View a complete audit of every Pod connection with map overlay of GPS locations
  • Generate validated PDF reports and download raw ExcelTM compatible data (CSV)
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Mobile App

Use any modern phone or tablet to view, analyze, sync, and share data from all nearby Verigo devices.

Sign on to our mobile app to :

  • Configure, Start or Stop any Verigo device
  • Wirelessly connect to any Pod from up to 40m
  • View all recorded data and any excursions and alerts
  • Download and email PDF and ExcelTM compatible reports

Our Hardware

Pod Temp


Temperature data logger

Life: 1.5 - 5 years

Pod Humidity


Temperature & Humidity data logger

Life: 1.5 - 5 years

Pod Probe


Temperature probe data logger

Life: 1.5 - 5 years

Pod Cryo


Low Temperature probe data logger

Life: 1.5 - 5 years

Pod One-90


Temperature data logger

Life: Up to 90 days

Pod Quality

Single or Multi-Use

Temperature and Quality Analysis data logger

Life: 1.5 - 5 years

About Verigo

Verigo is a company hatched out of the University of Florida Innovation Hub. We are on a mission to build tools to improve efficiency, reduce losses of perishable products, maximize their final quality, and ultimately improve the consumer experience.

We strive to create a more sustainable world and improve the quality and safety of products that you rely on every day.

Do you have questions or an idea for a new feature or application? Drop us a line!