Our Gateway

Automatic reading of Verigo sensors

Your data, automatically.

Make reading your data logger simple.

Verigo Gateways work for you!

Automate reading of loggers

Let the gateway collect data for you

Connect with all your data loggers.

Collect all information simultaneously

PDF & ExcelTM-compatible reports on-demand

Configure Email & SMS Alerts

Verigo Access Point (VAP)

Gateway between data loggers and you

Replaces the phone and processes the data automatically, so you can do something else at the same time!
Allows you to collect all the data of the devices in one point without manual intervention.

Quick Specs

Dimensions 20cm x 10.5cm x 3cm
Weight 0.7kg
Enclosure type Metal
Antenna type External
Connectivity Ethernet / WiFi / Bluetooth / WLAN
Power Source 110v / 220v
Wireless Range up to 30m (100 ft)

  • Personalize the name of your gateway from the Verigo cloud
  • Optionally enter gateway GPS coordinates

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