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Automatic Cloud Syncing

All Pod data is automatically synced through a mobile device to Verigo's web app. Simply log in and start searching current and past Pod records.

  • Remotely view and see your Pod data from across the world
  • Bring traceability to your supply chain with past records
  • Identify patterns to help improve your supply chain processes

Location Tracking

When using the Verigo mobile app with GPS turned on, location logs for your nearby Pods are captured.

  • Track where your Pods are from the comfort of your office
  • Verify a Pod reached its destination on time
  • Review location histories

Report Generation

Let Verigo help with analyzing and sending your data.

  • Generate PDF reports about your Pod
  • Download sensor data for further analysis
  • Email your reports to coworkers and colleagues

Access Your Verigo Web App

You can access your Verigo web app by clicking the button below and logging in.

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